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Hi, I’m looking forward to our call, where I’ll help you to really focus on your Super Power (the transformation you create), help you nail your niche and the pains and problems they’re experiencing and what your unique solution might be.

Odette Woods

Writer / Author / Coach / Inspirational Speaker

It gives me the greatest pleasure to recommend Michael Brook as a business professional of the highest possible integrity. In the ever-expanding global haystack of Digital Course Creators, in my opinion, Michael is unequivocally the proverbial golden needle all are subconsciously seeking!

It was a no- brainer proceeding to his 12 week Total Online Course Blueprint Programme.

I haven’t regretted this decision for one moment since!

As countless others will have experienced before me, I had formerly paid a heavy price, both financially and experientially, in investing in an uber-expensive digital coaching creation model with another company which produced zero return on investment and which cast what Michael refers to as the Course Creators Curse ‘Overwhelm’ paralysing my actions going forward for at least a year.

Michael’s approach is the complete antithesis of this, as it instils confidence, clarity and laser like focus on next steps in sequential form which is key to workability and success (most especially, if like me, you are a successful coach moving for the first time into digital course creation, while also completely new to online business.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to join Michael’s Elite ‘Total Online Course Blueprint’ programme, you will simply fast track past the obstacles whch stop others in their tracks never to fulfil on their Digital promise. and produce the results you intend with clarity and power.